My carry-on must have

  1. Rita says:

    Great Tips!
    Thank you I will definitely redo my travel pouch.


    • Carolyn Peeler says:

      Glad to help Rita 🙂

    • Kathleen says:

      Great tips! Thank you so much. I would now add a travel size hand sanitizer. I also throw a washcloth or two (inexpensive ones) in my carry-on. It has been so useful to use dry, dampened or wet, especially in warm weather and I’m stuck somewhere for a while. I use it on my face, neck and arms as a refresh. I really enjoy your posts.🌸

  2. Kristina Pfeil says:

    Helps that its in a VERY CUTE little bag!

    • Carolyn Peeler says:

      Thanks Kristina! It is one of my favourites that I’ve ever made…. love the madonna and child and Italian linen <3

  3. Julie B. says:

    I want that cute bag!

    • Carolyn Peeler says:

      Thanks Julie! It seems to be popular, which warms my heart as it’s my own design. I’ll have to see what I can do about making more. xo

  4. Nadia Gottardo says:

    Thanks C, I always have a small “just in case” bag with essentials in it. It’s worth it for sure. Great suggestions!

    • Carolyn Peeler says:

      You’re welcome Nadia. Sounds like you’re already a pro at this, but hopefully one or two of my ideas were a help.

  5. LeAnne Stevens says:

    Great tips! Love to see someone else’s list. Can’t stress the medication tip in your carry on— ALWAYS!! I have a friend in Italy for 2 weeks… still no bag on day 9 & no medication either.

    • Carolyn Peeler says:

      Oh man, what a frustration for your friend, LeAnne. Total nightmare. Hopefully she was able to find a local doc. so that she could get the prescriptions that she needs while she waits for her bag.

  6. Julie Short says:

    I would also add a simple set of fresh underwear.
    In Baden Baden without a bag for 2 days was stressfilled.

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