I will always look back on my week at la Dolce Vita as the “good life” indeed! The summer of 2018 will long be remembered as my first visit to Florence and the beautiful countryside of Tuscany. It all started with a friend suggesting we attend a retreat for women that involved crafting, guest lecturers […]

La Dolce Vita Retreat Testimonial

Italian hand made basket

La Dolce Vita is a comfortable, relaxed, welcoming retreat that celebrates creative living. With a focus on artistic and creative expression, culinary explorations, and market shopping, this women’s gathering will give each attendee the opportunity to participate in a supportive, encouraging environment. The Sweet Life When translated, La Dolce Vita means “the sweet life” and throughout […]

What to expect at La Dolce Vita Retreats

La Dolce Vita will include a visit to two Tuscan markets First an antique Tuscan market and the Siena weekly market. The two Tuscan markets will have vastly different offerings affording attendees a look at two different Italian market styles. Siena weekly market The Siena weekly market is where locals go to purchase food and reasonably priced […]

Market Visits in Tuscany


Go to Italy and stay for the food. Talk to anyone who has ever visited Italy and it is almost a certainty that they could, if given the opportunity, rhapsodize about the amazing meals they ate. There is a reason that Italy has a well deserved reputation for having some of the best food in […]

Food & Wine at La Dolce Vita

“You have to taste a culture to understand it.” – Deborah Cater In Italy food is seen as more than just sustenance. It is art, tradition and community rolled into one. It is specialized butcher and bakery shops where the proprietors have served the same clients for years and where they know the providence of […]

Cooking Lessons at La Dolce Vita

Exploring the city in Italy During our excursions we will be exploring some beautiful Tuscan cities (Italy). Both retreats will have the opportunity to visit the medieval city of Siena which is undoubtably one of the jewels of Tuscany. Famous because of its beautiful architecture and the Palio horse race that takes place twice each […]

City Views at La Dolce Vita

Retreat workshops One aspect of La Dolce Vita which is eagerly anticipated by attendees are the days filled with creativity! Carolyn envisions this retreat to be one where women of all skill levels enjoy flexing their creative muscles while learning, or improving, their working knowledge in a variety of different creative fields. You don’t have to […]

Workshops at La Dolce Vita 2019

Where you will stay During your time at La Dolce Vita you will have the opportunity to experience authentic Italian country life. Our host estate, Borgo Personatina, is an Agriturismo with an Olive Oil production, located in the hills of Tuscany. Accommodations will be fulfilled by our retreat collaborator e20Toscani, a Siena based Italian travel […]

Accommodations at La Dolce Vita

Celebrating Creativity and making meaningful connections to the local community are core values at La Dolce Vita and it is my honour to introduce you to the special guest who will be assisting us in exploring our creativity at La Dolce Vita 2019. La Dolce Vita will welcome a different special guest each week, so please be […]

2019 Special Guests

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