When you’re an Italophile, it goes without saying that pasta is a huge love. And when it comes to pasta, in my books nothing beats homemade. Delicately spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, these Pear & Cheese Ravioli are the ideal pasta to make in Autumn when pears are ready for harvest. Combining sweet and savoury […]

Pear and Cheese Ravioli

Ever wonder how I got started in leading retreats, things to consider if you’d like to host retreats, and how Covid-19 has changed things (for now)? If so, I’ve got you covered! This Spring I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Suzanne Redmond for her “The Left Brained Artist” podcast, Episode #207. We touched […]

Featured on The Left Brained Artist

Q: I will be flying to Prone to Wander: Marrakech. What airport is closest to the retreat? A: The Marrakesh Menara Airport (RAK) is the closest and is approximately 20 minutes from our first retreat location and about 1 hour from our second location. Q: If I’m flying into Marrakech, what time should my flight […]

Prone to Wander: Marrakech FAQ

Prone to Wander Retreats Marrakech

At Prone to Wander: Marrakech we will be splitting our time between two beautiful accommodations, allowing us to experience both city and country living. All accommodations and private transfers will be provided through the cooperating travel agent, e20toscani. In the Medina of Marrakech First, we will spend 7 nights in the heart of the old […]

Accommodations at Prone to Wander: Marrakech

Throughout our time together there will be a plethora of excursions and activities to help us get to know this city and its creative, culinary, cultural and shopping scene better. I want you to enjoy the people, places and activities that made me fall in love with this amazing city. From a lesson on scents […]

Activities at Prone to Wander: Marrakech

Why Marrakech? The late designer Yves Saint Laurent was thirty years old when he first visited Morocco. He immediately fell in love with the country for its culture, colours, and setting. He said “Marrakech, for me, is paradise”. I concur on many levels. Marrakech is a city that inspires and educates. It is a crossroad where […]

Introducing Prone to Wander: Marrakech

“You have to taste a culture to understand it.” – Deborah Cater Many years ago I was the kind of traveller who would rather save my money for antique shopping rather than splurge on, or take the time to eat, good meals. But, being married to a man who always sought out the traditional, popular, […]

Exploring the Food of Marrakech

Retreat workshop Descriptions Welcome to the introduction to the workshops at La Dolce Vita 2022. One aspect of La Dolce Vita which is eagerly anticipated by attendees are the days filled with creativity! Carolyn envisions a retreat where women of all skill levels enjoy flexing their creative muscles while learning, or improving, their working knowledge […]

Workshops at La Dolce Vita 2022

Celebrating Creativity and making meaningful connections to the local community are core values at La Dolce Vita. It is my honour to introduce you to the special guest who will be assisting to meet those goals at La Dolce Vita 2022. October 18-25, 2022 Retreat Special Guest: Joining our Fall retreat will be artist Maria […]

2022 Special Guest

“You have to taste a culture to understand it.” – Deborah Cater In Italy food is more than just sustenance, it is art, tradition and community rolled into one; specialized butcher and bakery shops where the proprietors have served the same clients for years and where they know the providence of each cut they sell; […]

Culinary Workshops at La Dolce Vita 2022

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