Your creative adventure awaits

Your creative adventure awaits

Imagine joining a group of fellow creatives for an adventure that leaves you inspired and encouraged. Experience culinary workshops where you leave the table unable to eat one more morsel, antique markets where you might find the perfect souvenir, and creative workshops where local and international artists lead you through exercises that stretch and excite you. All these experiences and more await you at Prone to Wander Retreats.

Prone to Wander Retreats is a place for creatives who are yearning to escape and enjoy a retreat full of beauty and inspiration; for the Mom who’s tired and ready to have her needs catered to; for the newly retired woman who is looking to rediscover herself; for the lonely soul who wishes she could find a fellowship of creative women who get her; for the widow who feels adrift; for anyone who feels like she could use a little creative boost in her life.

I invite you to explore the retreats we offer, and come - just as you are, to enjoy a time of inspiration and encouragement as we focus on creativity and community together.

At Prone to Wander Retreats, attendees enjoy an inspiring fusion of cultural exploration, market visits, creative and culinary workshops and friendship with like-minded women in the most spectacular settings.

Welcome to Prone to Wander Retreats

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Drawing on my years of travel experience, and passion for getting to know local flavour and culture, I design and host retreats tailor made to inspire and encourage creative women. 

I love; the uncertainty of travel when I feel a bit off kilter in someone else’s homeland; bartering for treasures at an antique market; the chatter in the craft room as women share their stories while they learn new, or improve on previously known, skills; the quiet of a garden where nature’s calm, and a good book, can reset the soul; and the exploration of local culinary traditions that introduce new recipes to my repertoire and flavours to my palate.


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What previous attendees are saying about our retreats

“I can honestly say that La Dolce Vita Retreat 2019 was one of the best experiences I’ve ever treated myself to. The pampering, friendships made, beautiful surroundings, fabulous food, and more was just perfect and totally worth it.

I was changed for the better.”


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“Carolyn did a superb job of reassuring me that La Dolce Vita would be a trip to rejuvenate and renew my body, mind and spirit. Her extensive attention to detail, and preparation leading up to the journey were thorough and extremely helpful.

The art classes were a whirlwind of creative heaven! The food was yummy and the cooking classes and excursions were as promised - everyone seemed to really love all of it! The other women were like-minded spirits and although each of us brought our own desires and wish lists, we all shared the camaraderie of the overall greatness of a sense of adventure in ITALY!

It was well worth it and I will definitely go again on another Prone to Wander retreat.”


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"This was my first ever women's retreat of any kind, let alone, out of the Country and by myself to boot! I didn't know what to expect, however, I did have high expectations. Well let me tell you, every expectation was 100% met in the most beautiful ways! Carolyn's attention to detail was none like I had ever seen before. From the amazing meals and the incredible flowers we found ourselves constantly surrounded by to the fabulous gifts, it was simply magical. The workshops were fun, creative and very beneficial. The wine, the cooking classes and the scenery... I felt like I was on a movie set. Carolyn's sincere kind heart showed throughout every detail. The only downside was I didn't want to leave! Thank you Carolyn for making my experience one-of-a-kind and most memorable. I cannot wait to attend again in 2019! "


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"If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing Tuscany, this is one of the best ways! You arrive as strangers who discover the region together and magically, even though you didn’t know these ladies before you arrived, you know that they will remain an important part of your life.

This retreat was everything I didn’t even know I needed. If you are able, I highly encourage you to go. Thank you Carolyn, Orsa, Paola and everyone who made this so wonderful. Thank you to my fellow attendees for opening your hearts and letting me in... you are all safely imbedded in my heart."


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"The La Dolce Vita experience is filled with expected and unexpected moments of joy. From engaging with new friends, at a stunning retreat site, to new flavours, honed crafting skills, learning and shared moments, there is an "extra" I call the "La Dolce Vita linger" - a happiness that simmers just beneath the skin and stays soul deep, long after the retreat has ended - a feeling that stokes the fire of desire to return for another retreat."   


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"Attending the 2018 La Dolce Vita retreat was a highlight of my life. Carolyn Peeler is the consummate hostess. She takes every special request to heart and provides an extraordinary experience. Don't be afraid to go by yourself! I did on purpose to make new friends. From the time you land in Italy your every need is cared for. The food, activities, accommodations, travel and hosts are remarkable. Did I forget shopping? Plenty of that. Wine, laughs and good times in abundance."


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"Life Changing! That is the best way I can describe my feelings about the La Dolce Vita Retreat. It was an uplifting, creative, joyful experience that I wish I had signed up for years ago. It brought me out of my comfort zone and invigorated me. The location was amazing, itinerary could not be more perfect, the food (don't get me started), new friends, and beautiful Italian families we encountered, I cannot find the words to do it justice. As a lover of all things creative, I came back with new insight from what I had learned. Carolyn's attention to detail is absolute perfection and she truly is an amazing person! I am forever changed and it is the best gift I have ever given to myself and I promise it will be for you too!"


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